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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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What’s Cookin’

Episode 3: Breads and Biscuits
Jordan Hescox
Students enjoying their cornbread.

Recently, in Home Ec., students baked some mouthwatering breads and biscuits. They made cheddar bay biscuits, regular biscuits with Texas Roadhouse butter, cornbread, and banana bread. 

The cheddar bay biscuits came out pretty nice; however, they were a bit on the dry side. They were quite good, but came nowhere close to Red Lobster’s famous biscuits. Senior Ethan Johnston gives them a solid 6.8/10 on our rating scale.

“I liked them,” Ethan said. “There’s not much I would change.” 

Next in this unit, they baked some classic biscuits with an attempt to recreate the famous Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter. The biscuits turned out very well, and I would say they were cooked to perfection. The Texas Roadhouse butter tasted better than expected, and not too far off from the real stuff. It may have just had a bit too much cinnamon. The biscuits get a final score of 7.2/10.

Senior and Texas Roadhouse busboy and host, Jordan Hescox, describes the homemade butter as “crappy.”

He said, “Every aspect was just off. The temperature, the honey, the cinnamon, and the butter itself. It just doesn’t compare [to Texas Roadhouse].”

Jordan gives the butter a final score of 2/10. 

The best thing made this week in my opinion was the cornbread. One bite of this cornbread with some rich, juicy, strawberry jam on it will make you emotional. Tears of joy and pleasure fell from my face as my taste buds danced in heaven. The corn bread was sweet, and not too corny. PERFECT is the only word to describe it. I give this snack a 9.4/10, the highest rating this year. 

The last thing baked was some fresh banana bread. It was plain, but good. It was a classic recipe. I think we could have added some other factors and ingredients to make it pop more.

Senior ginger, Zach Pier, said “it tasted good.” He gives a final rating of 7/10.

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