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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Film

Courtesy of Lily McNelis
Lily enjoying her time at the concert and the film

The Eras Tour is a concert film produced by the one and only: Taylor Swift. 

Fans were ecstatic when they found out that she was going to produce this masterpiece. It gave fans who could not spend thousands of dollars on a concert ticket a chance to still see her on tour, for a much more affordable price. 

B-A sophomore Lily McNelis is one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans you will meet (aka Swiftie). She had the privilege of seeing her in concert and watching the Eras Tour Film not only once, but twice! 

I asked her some questions to see her experiences at both the concert and the film.

Q. Did you go to the actual concert as well at the Eras Tour Film?

A. Yes, I went to both the film and the in-person concert.

Q. Where did you see the concert?

A. I saw the concert at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh.

Q. Where did you see the film?

A. I saw the film at AMC 12 in Duncansville.

Q. Do you feel you had the same experience in theater as you did at the stadium?

A. The concert definitely was louder and more fun. My theater was pretty quiet and only sang and danced during the more popular songs.

Q. Did you still wear your best Taylor Swift concert attire?

A. I didn’t dress up as much as I did for the in-person concert, but I still dressed up.

Q. What was the best part about seeing the concert in the theater?

A. The best part about getting to see the concert in the theater was to get to relive the concert again, but getting to see it in way more detail. 

This film premiered on October 11 and was officially released on October 13.

The Eras Tour became the highest-grossing concert film of all time, and will probably hold that title for a very long time. It accumulated over $178 million in gross revenue. 

Critics were even amazed at this production, and even praising the magical film. 


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