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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Changes coming to the yearbook for seniors

Kate Wallace
The Tuckahoe Yearbook is seeking student assistance in the creation of the 2024 edition.

This year, the Bellwood-Antis Tuckahoe yearbook staff has come up with new additions for Bellwood’s seniors to participate in the publication of the yearbook.

In a senior meeting last Thursday, students were informed that the 2023-2024 yearbook would have changes to the superlative categories and a new signature feature for senior portraits.

This year, the yearbook team added senior signatures, which give the class of 2024 the option to have their signature put over their portraits.

Seniors were instructed to use the Canva app to create their signature, which is due this Thursday February 8. The signature is optional for students, but highly recommended.

Seniors were provided with a step-by-step list on how to create and upload their signature. (Kate Wallace)

“I think that the addition of signatures to the well-known ‘senior package’ that we have had for so many years will be a feature that catches the attention of the reader,” stated Vincent Cacciotti, a member of the yearbook who came up with the idea for the new additions. “It is my hope that this addition will continue for years. ”

Another addition for seniors is the option to create superlative categories and vote on their favorites, along with a new teacher category as well.

Each student was provided with a QR code during the meeting to write their own categories, which were submitted into a form for seniors to vote on this week.

“The yearbook shouldn’t just be created by one specific group but should instead use the ideas from everyone throughout the school,” commented Cacciotti. “After hearing some of the ideas that last year’s seniors had, we thought it would be a great idea to let the Class of 2024 make the superlatives that best fit them.”

The student superlative nominees include:

  • Best athlete
  • Best bromance
  • Best dressed
  • Best Fortnite player
  • Best glow-up
  • Best hair
  • Best smile
  • Best yapper
  • Life of the party
  • Most changed since 6th grade
  • Most likely to be a celebrity
  • Most likely to be an influencer
  • Most likely to be on an Esports team
  • Most likely to be president
  • Most likely to be sleeping in class
  • Most likely to become a millionaire
  • Most likely to become famous
  • Most likely to carry the team in basketball
  • Most likely to cheer you up
  • Most likely to crash their brand new car
  • Most likely to drop out of college
  • Most likely to eat roadkill
  • Most likely to fall down the steps
  • Most likely to get a teacher off topic
  • Most likely to get away with anything
  • Most likely to get the AUX in the car / Best music taste
  • Most likely to give their peers homework
  • Most likely to graduate from an IVY League school
  • Most likely to have stains on his clothes
  • Most likely to have their own talk show
  • Most likely to leave and never come back
  • Most likely to lie with no reason being involved
  • Most likely to live happily ever after
  • Most likely to live in a box
  • Most likely to move off the grid
  • Most likely to move out of the country
  • Most likely to move to a different state for a random job opportunity
  • Most likely to never return to Bellwood after graduation
  • Most likely to not hang out with his girlfriend
  • Most likely to not have a job as a senior
  • Most likely to be on a reality show
  • Most likely to own exotic cars
  • Most likely to own their own business
  • Most likely to peak in High School
  • Most likely to skip the gym after paying $50 for a membership
  • Most likely to smash their TV playing Xbox
  • Most likely to stay in Bellwood forever
  • Most likely to survive the Hunger Games
  • Most likely to take your parking spot / Worst driver
  • Most likely to trip at graduation
  • Most likely to win Jeopardy
  • Most musical

The teacher superlative nominees include:

  • Best dressed
  • Most chill teacher
  • Most distinguishable voice
  • Most fashionable
  • Most intimidating vocabulary
  • Most quotable
  • Most likely to be mistaken for a student
  • Most likely to be president
  • Most likely to be your Facebook friend
  • Most likely to fail you
  • Most likely to forget a student’s name
  • Most likely to get off topic
  • Most likely to give a worthless project
  • Most likely to give multiple detentions within an hour
  • Most likely to give weekend homework
  • Most likely to grade an assignment a month later
  • Most likely to not believe a student
  • Most likely to run a marathon
  • Most likely to share snacks
  • Most likely to show up in a suit
  • Most likely to survive the Hunger Games
  • Most likely to travel the world
  • Most likely to use a saying you’ve never heard
  • Most likely to win Jeopardy

“I hope that with regards to both the senior and teacher superlatives that not only do the winners fit the categories, but that the categories are a reflection of the entire class,” stated Cacciotti.

There is a QR code at the beginning of the morning announcements for seniors to scan and gain access to the vote for the best superlative categories. Seniors can also go to the link here to access it.

Voting will be open until this Friday and the winning categories will be announced the following week. Only seniors are to take part in the voting and other new additions.

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