Feature Teacher: Senora Smith


Emilee Astore

Ms. Smith has been teaching Spanish at Bellwood-Antis for nine years.

Lindsey McCaulley, Staff Writer

The high school feature teacher for the month is Spanish teacher Senora Smith.

Most students had her in seventh grade for Exploratory Spanish.

She attended Central High School in the Spring Cove District and she graduated from IUP College.

Senora Smith chose to teach Spanish because she liked learning a way to communicate with people from other parts of the world.

Senora Smith has been teaching at Bellwood-Antis for nine years.  She teaches Spanish I, II, and III.

“I chose to come to Bellwood because it is a small school that had a great reputation,” said Senora Smith on why she chose Bellwood.

Senora Smith took over former Spanish teacher’s Senora Claar’s position after she retired at the end of last school year.

She went from teaching Exploratory Spanish and Spanish I. To teaching Spanish I, II, and III.

Senora Smith had to adjust on teaching a lot more classes and want to keep it how Senora Claar would teach it.

“Because Senora Claar and I were very close, I feel like I know how she would like things done and taught. I will admit that I asked her for advice occasion this year,” said Smith.

Senora Smith is enjoying teaching at Bellwood. “The kids are the best! Also the faculty here is like family.”

When you teach a class like Spanish you have to add a fun way into learning so the students can enjoy it. Senora Smith adds fun into her teaching by how she does projects, music, and technology.

“I try to integrate music, videos, technology, and fun projects like the Spanish 3 fashion show whenever I can,” said Senora.