How big is too big?


Emilee Astore

Cell phone sizes can vary greatly depending upon your preference.

Tessa Albert, Staff Writer

Cell phone screens are getting bigger, it’s a fact.  Just think about it.

Think about your first cell phone.  Was it a slider phone or were you lucky enough to have an iPhone?

Do you remember the screen size? (Probably not because who pays attention to that?)

So does phone size really matter?

You might have never thought about your phone size. So take a minute and look at it.

Do you like how big your screen is? Do you wish that it was smaller or bigger? Do you wish that phone companies would stop making their phones so big that they can’t fit in your pocket?

If you haven’t noticed phones have been getting bigger.  Think back to 2007 when the first iPhone came out.  It wowed the public with its whooping 3.5 inch screen.  Now you may not care about this but for other people this was big stuff.

Now fast forward three years to 2010. Cell phones started to get recognition for their revolutionary screen size: 5 inches.  It was the world’s first phablet.

(Now if you don’t know what a phablet means its ok, a lot of people don’t.  A phablet is class of mobile phones that are designed to combine both a smartphone and a tablet.)

Nowadays, thanks to the invention of the phablet, smart phones screens now have a minimum screen size of 5 inches.  And that isn’t even satisfying people!  Junior Edyn Convery is the owner of an iPhone 6 Plus, which boasts a screen that’s 5.5 inches.

“A big phone makes things easier all around,” she said. “The worker at Verizon said the Plus was more for women. You can watch videos a lot better and everything is bigger.”

You know the phrase “bigger is better?” It’s now being applied to phones.

So when is big simply too big?

For freshman Ryan Sheaffer it ends at the iPhone 6.

“I like how big it is, especially when I’m texting,” he said. “I didn’t get the IPhone 6+ because it’s simply too big. I can’t get a phone that doesn’t even fit in my pocket.”

Freshman Trent Walker didn’t really have a choice of what phone he got; his mom just went out and got him one.

She got him a Galaxy phone which, of course, has a HUGE screen. Trent thinks that his phone is the perfect size because it just fits in his pockets.