Softball team continues to improve their record


Emily Wagner

Maddie Miller doubled yesterday as the softball team stayed on a roll with a win over C-K.

Taylor Shildt went 4-for-4 and scored three runs while the Bellwood-Antis Blue Devil softball team continued to be on a roll last night in their 6-2 win over the Claysburg-Kimmel Bulldogs.

Jacqueline Finn had three hits and an RBI as the Blue Devils outran the Bulldogs.

The Blue Devils started their victory early.  They had one run in the first inning. The Blue Devils then got another run in the third inning.  They added three more runs in the fourth inning.  They added their last run in the fifth inning.

“Overall I thought we played pretty decent but we could’ve done better,” said Miller.

Shildt agreed.  She said, “Overall I felt that we play a good game.  I think we need to clean up the little things in our game and we should be good.”

The Bulldogs could not get their run in until the sixth inning.

Maddie Miller hit a double.

The Blue Devils had 9 multiple hits: 4 from Shildt, 3 from Finn, and 2 from Clark.

The Blue Devils had RBI’s from Clark, Finn, Convery, and McElwain.

Taylor Shildt was the winning pitcher and she had 5 strikeouts.

The Blue Devils had 6 runs, 14 hits, and 5 errors.

“There were small errors that probably shouldn’t have been made, but they happen and they didn’t affect the game much,” said Maddie Miller.

Shildt had a different opinion. She said, “I feel that we have been making small errors that end up hurting us in the long run.  I feel that we need to clean up our game and we should be good.”

Their record has improved to 8-2.