Top five last minute preps for prom


Taylor Shildt

The special day has arrived. Prom is a matter of hours away. Have you taken care of the little things?

Emilee Astore, Staff Writer/ Education News Reporter

With prom being tonight there are still things that need to be done. You’ve made all of the major decisions for the biggest night of the school year, but did you hit on the little things?

Here’s a top five last-minute list for prom preparation.

5. Hair style

This is pointed mainly towards the indecisive girls, and pretty boys.

4. Nails

Most girls can’t decide between getting fake nails on or get a regular manicure.

3. Corsage

Soooooo pretty, so many flowers to choose from

2. Accessories

Necklace? Shoes? Bracelets? Earrings????

1. Dinner reservations

“Don’t worry. We don’t need a reservation.” … Well, let’s hope you’re right.