Mrs. Dees is set to retire


Emilee Astore

After 15 years, Mrs. Susan Dees is retiring from her position as middle school secretary.

Kayla Kustaborder, Staff Writer

Middle School Secretary Mrs. Susan Dees has been working here at Bellwood-Antis for 15 years and is getting ready to retire.

What made her want to retire? She said, “You just know when it’s time.”

What she will miss the most about working at Bellwood-Antis is the kids.

Her greatest memory she’s has been working with incredible people and staff.

Retired Middle School Principal and current board member Mr. Bob Fisher said, “Mrs. Dees was a very loyal and confident secretary in the middle school office. She was always very organized and very good at making me look like a better principal.”

Current Middle School Principal Mr. Wagner said that it is going to be hard to replace her because she is so experienced at her job, but they are going to do their best to replace her with someone who is up for the challenge.

He said, “She’s been a fantastic secretary and has made my job easier. She knows the middle school procedures, policies, students and teachers like the back of her hand. She also does a great job keeping this place running smoothly.”