It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the season of cheer! Christmas may be less than four months away, but we’re talking back-to-school season.

School is taking over students’ lives by storm, as well as their hard earned money. According to, “The National Retail Federation estimates that total combined spending for back to school and college will reach $68 billion this year.” Clothing and school supply prices keep climbing year after year and it’s hard to put together a whole outfit for under $100.

As prices change over the years, so do the ways in which people do their shopping. According to the Huffington Post, online shopping has always been popular, but even more so in recent years. Families take advantage of the online sales, coupons, and free shipping.

Parents dread taking their young children shopping so why not shop online and avoid the tantrums in the middle of the store. Senior, Hannah Klesius believes, “I always go into the store to try on clothing. Online shopping isn’t always the most reliable way of shopping.”

Another odd reoccurrence is the procrastination of shopping for school in general. Most back-to-school advertisements start as early as July, and in recent studies families are waiting until the week before or the week of school to go on these massive hauls.

Trends are very important to students, especially in the clothing market. If you are looking to stay modern and up to date in your school clothes here are the hottest items for the 2015 back-to-school season.

Attention all 70’s flower children; this is your year to shine. Suede and denim skirts, flowy tops, mod dresses, and fringe are all in style this year! Let’s not forget our 90’s babies that have been taking over the trend chart for the past year. Don’t throw out your platforms just yet because we are returning the grunge style to the school year of 2015 again. Distressed boyfriend jeans, flannels, graphic tees, chokers, and basically anything dark that looks like you just hopped out of a Nirvana music video will fit this trend.

Senior, Makala Doyle shows a lot of interest when I asked her about her back-to-school shopping experience. “I love shopping at H&M and Charlotte Russe. I’m a very smart shopper and always looking for deals to snatch up.”

Senior, Corey Parson said, “I only enjoy the shoe aspect of back-to-school shopping. Nike is my favorite brand of shoe, but when it comes to shopping for clothing I’m disinterested.”

So remember, if you haven’t purchased your back-to-school wardrobe you are not alone. Procrastinating this stressful shopping trip is becoming more and more typical. Grab your card, take my trend tips, and be prepared to spend more money than past years.