NHS selling football spirit buttons

$2.00 a week earns you a chance at a gift card


Kerry Naylor

NHS is selling football spirit buttons throughout football season.

Mariah Younker, Staff Writer

Gotta catch ‘em all!  We aren’t talking Pokémon, we are talking about the newest, collectible school spirit item that is taking Bellwood-Antis by storm.

If you haven’t noticed already, National Honor Society is selling personalized buttons.  We have the down low on this academic club’s fundraiser.

“This was done many years ago by the cheerleaders, but was discontinued for whatever reason.  Penn State and Citizen’s Bank also do personalized buttons for each Penn State game.”

Senior Christina Kowalski thinks, “The button sales are a good idea because they support the teams.  We play the same teams every year so you can re-wear the buttons.”

Mrs. Zong already has her snowman mascot decked out in the first two NHS football pins.
Mariah Younker
Mrs. Zong already has her snowman mascot decked out in the first two NHS football pins.

What is Mrs. Padula planning on doing with the $2.00 collected from each button?  “The money will be used to increase our account which was depleted after buying new honor society stoles for graduation,” she said.

Mrs. Padula has a special plan for the button design.

“I designed the buttons so far, but NHS members will be able to design the rest of the buttons.”  She also stated, “Each button are based on the opponent’s mascot and are intended to increase school spirit.  There will be ten different button designs during the season.  Hopefully more for the playoffs.”

Students can win a Sheetz gift card by collecting all the buttons.  “I will buy a button to wear to the games that I am going to,” senior, Marissa Panasiti plans.

So there you have it!  Keep your eyes peeled for a new button each week!  The buttons can be purchased during homeroom or in room 206!  Every student who purchases and wears all ten of the buttons on November 6, will be entered into a drawing for a Sheetz gift card.