Myers students enjoy Agriculture Day


Edyn Convery

Friday marked the annual Ag Day at Myers Elementary sponsored by the FFA Club.

Emilee Astore

For four years now, Vocational Agriculture teacher Mr. Webreck and some of his high school students have arranged for a petting zoo to be set up in the playground of the Myers Elementary School.

The group returned to Myers Friday.

“I feel great about this event. It gives kids the chance to see the different animals and it’s a great way to promote agriculture,” said Webreck.

The students get a chance to play games and experience how animals are raised on the farm as well as how the animals generally act.

First grade teacher Mrs. McGarvey said, “I believe the petting zoo is a great hands-on learning experience and the kids get to experience something that they might not get to on a day to day basis.”

I really like the pig because it is so cute and I just want to hug it.

— Jaydn, first grade

When asked about their favorite animals, the kids gave a variety of answers.

“I really like the pig because it is so cute and I just want to hug it,” said Jadyn.

Delany agreed with Jadyn by saying, “The pig is the cutest of all of the animals because it’s so little and cute.”

However, Sean said that the chicken was, “the coolest to look at because it always looks mad and made funny noises.”

A huge fan favorite of the petting zoo was the bunny.

“The bunny is my favorite because it’s so soft and it hops around all the time,” said Collin.

When the kids were done playing with and petting the animals, they moved on to participate in games that the high school students had arranged.

One of these games was seeing who could throw a bail of hay the furthest and the other game was doing a tricycle race.

Overall, it was a very eventful and successful day for both the elementary students and Mr. Webreck, along with his high school students.