Fantasy Football: Week 3 recap


Noah D'Angelo

There were some big outputs at the quarterback position in Week 3.

Noah D'Angelo, Staff Writer

Week three in the NFL provided many 30-plus point scorers that lifted many fantasy teams to a W.

Elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for an incredible 5 touchdowns en route to 34.92 fantasy points. Andy Dalton was not too far behind registering 31.32 points in a win against their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Andy Dalton’s favorite target, A.J. Green, went off on the main stage with 34.7 points. Yet again in that same game, Baltimore wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. scored a mighty 30.6 fantasy points in the loss. In his first start on the season for the Atlanta Falcons, running back Devonta Freeman exploded for 37.3 points.

Elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for an incredible 5 touchdowns en route to 34.92 fantasy points.

And in a surprising turnaround from Week Two’s embarrassing 0.4 fantasy points, LeGarrette Blount registered 28.2 points.

On the other side of the spectrum also came a lot of disappointments. Tyler Eifert, after having a great first two weeks, laid a giant goose egg on many fantasy rosters. Marshawn Lynch even with a small injury is usually a tank, but this weekend was different. Playing with a bummed hamstring, Lynch was still projected 17.17 but only finished the day with 2.3 fantasy points.

In a slow game for Steelers fans, depression hit early in the second half when their franchise quarterback, “Big” Ben Roethlisberger collapsed clutching his knee. Many fans thought the Steeler’s playoff chances were diminished and there was no hope. Thankfully, it was only a sprained MCL and Ben will only be missing 4-6 weeks so keep him on your bench.

Still, the injury could dampen many fantasy team because the loss of Ben means not only losing his points but those of his talented receivers, like Antonio Brown.

At the end of week three, cheers of joy or tears of sadness were emitted from many fans of the game we love to call fantasy football.