BOOKLIGHT: The Fate of Ten


Tierra Mahute

The Fate of Ten is the sixth book in the Lorien Legacies series.

Christina Hollen, Student Contributor

The Fate of Ten is the sixth book of the Lorien Legacies series, and in my opinion the best.  Written by Pittacus Lore, the series has been a smash hit and will have one last book coming out within the next two years. So far the name and publishing date is undetermined.

The series forms itself around Loriens, an alien species that has almost been annihilated by their alien enemies the Mogadorians.  Nine Loric Guards, Lorics with powers, have fled to Earth as refuges along with their Cepan, Loric mentors with no powers. No cepans remain though, all killed by the Mogs, and only five of the nine original Loric guards are left.

The Loric characters are so genuine, all with very different personalities.”

Throughout the books the Loric and Mogadorians have fought in secret, but now the secret is out.  And Lorien wasn’t the only planet the Mogs will take over – Earth is next.

The book starts with the invasion of Earth by the Mogadorians, right where the last book, The Revenge of Seven, had left off.  In the book the main Loric character John, or Four, and his human friend Sam were fleeing New York City as their ally and fellow Loric Nine took on the traitor Five.  While this was happening, Six, and Marina, or Seven, and their Mogadorian ally Adam fought their way into the sacred Loric Temple and released the Lorien Spirit.  Although none of them knew, the Lorien spirit had changed everything once it was released.  It had given humans powers only the Loric had.  But this small victory was cut short when Six discovered their ships were destroyed and they were trapped with no means of communication.

As war raged all across the world and the Loric spirit found its way into humans Ella, a Loric guard who escaped Lorien also, was being held prisoner by the Mogadorian leader Setrakas Ra.  She was his granddaughter for Setrakas Ra was once Lorien.  Once the Loric power was released, it reached Ella and showed her why the Mogadorians do what they do.

The Fate of Ten/Official Book Trailer

The story goes like this (SPOILER ALERT): long ago before the destruction of the planet, Loriens lived in peace and prospered on their planet.  They were governed by a council of twelve Lorics, all who were called Elders.  Once Setrakas Ra was on this council, he and his closest friend Pittacus Lore.  The council worked together to give back to the planet as the planet had done to them.

But Setrakas Ra had grown tired of this and started a series of cruel and vile experiments on Loriens.  Once the council had found out they had sentenced him to an execution, and Pittacus was forced to do it.  But Pittacus took pity on his old friend and let him go.  Hundreds of years later Setrakas Ra had come back as the leader of the Mogadorians.  He destroyed Lorien and all of its people.

Which leaves us at present day New York.  Where the destruction begins all over again.

Although cities burn around them, the Loric will not lose hope.  Adam finds a way to send out a distress signal and John, Nine, and Sam make their way to Mexico to aid Six, Marina, and Adam.  They may have released the Loric spirit, but the war is far from over.  The group awaits Setrakas Ra as he leads his warship to Mexico to destroy the sacred shrine.  Ella foresees this and warns the group that blood will be shed and if they still will pay the ultimate price, their life.

The Fate of Ten is action-packed from start to finish, although I personally wish it was longer.  The book had a small timeline, only going over three days.

The Loric characters are so genuine, all with very different personalities, but they put their differences aside to save Earth from the Mogadorians.

The humans on the other hand not so much.  For me, John’s girlfriend Sara was really whiny and always needed to be saved.  She dragged everyone down doing so and caused very avoidable problems.  The Mogadorian ally Adam was at first questionable, but became a trustworthy and important person that helped the Loric.