Fab Freshman: Andrew Hale


Kara Engle

Andrew Hale is a really cool Freshman


The Blueprint chose unique and hilarious Andrew Hale, without hesitation, as this month’s Fab Freshman.

Andrew is probably one of the funniest student you will ever meet at Bellwood-Antis. During school he makes everybody cry of laughter and makes everybody’s day ten times more interesting.

Andrew is a hardworking triathlete. He plays baseball, football, and basketball. In baseball, his favorite sport, he either plays third base or plays in the outfield. In basketball, he’s either a forward or guard. Lastly, in football, he is a wide receiver and a safety.

Whenever Andrew isn’t playing sports, more than likely he’s either hunting or fishing.

He’s really funny, and he’s a loyal friend.

— Krystina Taylor

He also loves to watch the movie, ‘The Sandlot’

Andrew is enjoying his first year of high school as a freshman so far.

“High school makes my days feel shorter,” he said.

The main difference between middle and high school for Andrew is he thinks the teachers are different.

In high school his favorite subject is Earth Science and his favorite school lunch is pizza, but outside of school his favorite food is steak.

His goals for this year are to get good grades.

The Blueprint asked Shawn Wolfe, a freshman friend of Andrew, what he thought of Andrew

“He is very funny,” he said. “Also he’s a good athlete.”

We also asked Krystina Taylor, another freshman friend of Andrew, what she thought of him.

“He’s really funny,” she said.” and he’s a loyal friend.”