Just Juniors: Haley McCloskey


by Makala Doyle

Haley McCloskey

If you know Haley McCloskey, you know that she is an outgoing, kind person that can always put you in a great mood no matter what.

You could probably see her walking through the halls with her purple lipstick and fashionable outfits, but how much do you really know about this junior?

Haley is the type of person that can get along with anyone. She is obsessed with comic books and lipstick. While she’s not working hard in school, she is also involved in Cross Country, musicals, chorus, National Honor Society, and FCA.

Out of all of the teachers in the school, Haley says that she looks up to Mrs. Frank the most.

“Mrs. Frank is an amazing mathematician that really tries to help her students,” Haley said.

Haley always knows when to crack a joke to enlighten someone’s mood, or when to have fun and just enjoy whatever she is doing.

Throughout this school year, Haley hopes to keep her grades up, but also wants to enjoy the year with all of her best friends.

When asked how she has changed this year she said, “I got glasses, a short haircut, discovered comic books, became more focused, got more lipstick colors, started to wear less black clothing, and I became a lot happier.”