Just Juniors: Ben Martin


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Ben Martin is a member of the golf team and one funny guy.

When you hear the name Martin, you think smart, outgoing, athletic, and determined. This week’s feature Just Junior is the one and only Benjamin Martin.  Ben is an outgoing student who ranks third in his class.  An honor student, Ben spends a lot of his time hitting the studies, but he is also a part of our B-A golf squad.  He’s been hitting the greens for two years now and plans on it for the rest of high school. He has great character, plus a lot of things people don’t know about him that just adds to his collage of accolades.

BluePrint: What is your favorite part of Bellwood-Antis High School?

Ben: Nothing is really my favorite. Bellwood is a pretty boring and strict place.

BluePrint: What do you do outside of school when not focused on your school work?

Ben: Well I golf, but I spend most of my time grinding out FIFA 16 with Brennan Mckendre.

BluePrint: Are you active in any clubs her at Bellwood?

Ben: I’m not in any clubs, but I am part of the golf team.

BluePrint: How did your golf season go?

Ben: It was so bad. We only won one match, but the golf van was lit(alive).  Our coach spit fire at us all the time.

BluePrint: Do you ever feel an over load of school work being in the Honors Curriculum?

Ben: Not really, I can get my work done pretty efficiently avoiding the stress of an overload

BluePrint: Who do you look up to the most?

Ben: I look up to Jarrett Taneyhill a lot. He’s a pretty tall kid.

BluePrint: Have you changed from last year?

Ben: I still do a lot of the same things, but the biggest change is that I got a hair cut.

Theres no doubt that Ben Martin is a very interesting and talented student here at Bellwood.  Ben always has a good attitude and a bright smile on his face each day when he walks into school.  This is one of many successful students that we get to witness in our school district.