Potty talk

Some students take advantage of time in the bathroom


Ethan McGee

Bathroom use is necessary, but the privilege can be misused.

Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

It’s known as just a natural occurrence when people ask to use the restroom.  But some students take advantage of restroom privileges for a nice break rather than actually needing to use it.

Almost every teacher you ask has seen this trend.  Students tend to get bored in class or arrange meetings with friends so they can have a social hour in the bathroom.  It has been going on for years, so is there a way to stop it?

“Kids are creatures of habit and a lot of them get into routines, like fourth period go get a drink, fifth period go to the bathroom,” said English teacher Mr. Naylor. “I don’t get too concerned until I see a student going every day at the same general time. Then you have to say something to them about it.”

Sometimes I see students go during parts of class that may not be the most enjoyable for them.

— Mrs. Bartlett

Multiple methods of signing out to use the restroom, like a card with only a limited number of spots, have been tried, but they have really never worked.

There isn’t anything wrong with using the school facilitates if you need too, but students abusing the privilege of going to the bathroom during instruction is crossing a line.

“I see most students mostly come in late to class from using the restroom,” said eleventh grade English teacher Mrs. Bartlett. “Sometimes I see students go during parts of class that may not be the most enjoyable for them.”

Big problems have occurred in school bathrooms.  Vandalism and misbehavior against school policies sometimes happens in the bathroom.  School faulty are really trying to crack down on this by being stricter on bathroom breaks.

“I don’t have too much of a problem because I use the three-minute rule,” said POD teacher Mrs. Andrea Brant.

Senior Jake Burch was asked if he saw students often go to the bathroom for no reason.

“Yeah, I see a lot of horseplay in the bathrooms, not so much people doing business,” he said.

Some of this misbehavior might not necessarily be the teachers’ fault.

“The teachers do good jobs controlling kids with the bathroom, but its in-between periods where students tend to get rowdy,” said Burch.

Some students feel as if students just go to the bathroom to waste time.

Senior Caroline Showalter is definitely one of these people.

“I really think some kids are just looking to avoid slow points in class. It’s just a way for some kids to blow off school,” Caroline said.

Bathrooms are a privilege and many schools are starting to draw the line between allowed bathroom breaks and just gossip hour over the stalls.