Children who lie are healthy


Noah D'Angelo, Staff Writer

A recent study at the University of Toronto has shown that kids who lie early, as well as lie better, are the kids that are going to develop normally and be more socially successful in their future.

According to the experts, it shows a sign of brain and social health. Kids who are child delinquents tend to be poor liars.

By age two, 30% of kids are able to lie. By age three, 50% are. And by age four, an astonishing 80% are able to tell a convincing lie.

Kang Lee, a director of the Child Development Research Group in Ontario, has been a frontrunner in this study. He tells all parents, “If you discover your two-year-old is telling a lie, instead of being alarmed, you should celebrate. Your child has arrived at an important stage in his/her life.”

To tell a convincing lie you first need to understand the difference in what is going on in your mind compared to the person that you are lying too. And you also need to know how to regulate your own behavior to make it seem genuine. If there is any doubt on your face, they will not believe you.

So from now on parents, celebrate everything that your child does. If your son beats up your daughter, throw a party for him. He’s learning to show his masculinity.

If your child breaks your favorite lamp, thank him/her and say that you needed a new one anyways. To say this to them would be a lie, so thankfully you lied as a young child and developed normally.

So for the first time in world history, lying is actually a good thing. Abraham Lincoln would hate to live in this period.