Autism Awareness Fundraiser Success!

BluePrint staff raises $1,400 for district autistic support rooms


Terri Harpster

Students and faculty from all three Bellwood-Antis buildings made the BluePrint’s autism awareness t-shirt sale a major success.

Tierra Mahute, Staff Writer

April is Autism Awareness month, and the BluePrint used it to conduct a t-shirt sale that raised a record-setting amount of money for the Bellwood-Antis School District’s autism support rooms.

In recent years the BluePrint has participated in a fundraiser throughout the month of April to raise awareness for Autism with all of the raised money donated to the local Western and Central Easter Seals Disability Services. Two years ago BluePrint advisor, Kerry Naylor, presented a check to Patty Mallad, the Easter Seals Representative, for more than $700.

Unfortunately last year the BluePrint staff didn’t do its normal t-shirt sale.

“The BluePrint was recently being brought online for the first time and sadly the staff and I just ran out of time” advisor Mr. Naylor.

So this year the BluePrint decided to take it a step up and make the fundraiser a bit more special. Instead of donating to the local Easter Seals this year the money will be donated to the high school and elementary school autistic/ multi-disability support rooms.

Between the elementary, middle and high school teachers, students, parents and many more donating to help raise awareness for Autism, the BluePrint has raised $1400 after selling almost 250 t-shirts, leaving $700 to be split between autistic support classrooms in at Myers and the high school! The money will be presented in the coming days to high school autistic support teacher Summer Carson and elementary teacher Tylisha Bowers.

“Bellwood- Antis is incredibly generous when it comes to charity projects like this,” said Mr. Naylor. “The faculty and staff at all three of our buildings really got behind this one. As a result we raised more money for Autism awareness than we ever had before, and I know Tylisha and Summer will put it to good use.”

Next year the BluePrint will be switching it up and no longer will sell t-shirts, but stay tuned to see what we will be doing for the month of Lighting It Up Blue.