Athlete of the Week: Marissa Panasiti


Ethan McGee

Panisiti catching her breath.

Senior Marissa Panasiti has been the girl to beat the past two years.

Last Friday the best of the Bellwood track team participated in the West Central Coaches meet.

Individually Panasiti took 1 in the 400 and 6 in the 200.

The 4×4 team took 8.

For her achievements Panasiti is this week’s athlete of the week.

When did you get involved with track and field?

Panasiti: Freshman year. I wanted to stay in shape for soccer.

What events do you participate in track?

Panasiti: 100 Dash 200 Dash 400 Dash and 4×4 Relay.

Which event is your favorite?

Panasiti: The 400. I hate it, but I love it. It’s one of the most challenging events in the meet. It’s painful but when you set a new personal record, it’s one of the most satisfying feeling in the world. In the 400 you can have a really good day or a terrible day.

What is your best time for the events above?

Panasiti: 100 Dash- 12.85, 200 Dash- 26.9 and 400 Dash- 59.78.

How did the West Central Coach go for you?

Panasiti: It went really well. I knew the athletes I was going against but I was feeling good. The weather turned around, the lights were on, the crowd was packed along the fence; it was a great atmosphere.

Do you like track and field or soccer better?

Panasiti: I love soccer but I enjoy track. Soccer is such a huge part of my life and I don’t know how I could go without it. However when I’m at a big meet and I have a good seed, I love track. Most of the time I hate it though.

Do you plan to participate in track and field or soccer throughout your college career?

Panasiti: I’m playing soccer for the next 2 years at Penn State Altoona. PSUA has track but it’s not regulation size, so they can’t have a team. If they had one, I would probably run.