Athlete of the Week- Jordan McCracken


McCracken in centerfield waiting for the ball.

Junior center fielder Jordan McCracken has been helping the Blue Devils advance throughout the season in centerfield.

The boys lost their playoff game last week against Bishop McCourt 7-5.

McCracken finished his season batting .283 with three doubles and 18 RBI. He alsohad five stolen bases and made four appearances as a pitcher.

McCracken will be back on the field next year as a senior trying to redeem himself in during the season and playoffs.

For his efforts he is the BluePrint’s athlete of the week.

How did you get involved with baseball?

McCracken: My dad was telling me all his baseball stories so I just decided that one day I would pick up a baseball and have catch with my father.

What’s the best part of baseball to you?

McCracken: Coming together as a team and making a special “bond” but, I also like playing the game in general and winning as a team is a plus.

What positon do you play?

McCracken: Centerfield and pitcher.

How did you improve as an individual from last year?

McCracken: I really worked on my mental aspect of the game. I also got stronger and faster and learned more about the game.

How do you predict the rest of the season will go?

McCracken: I think that it could go both ways depending on the way we play. We compete and play good baseball. We will advance but if we do the opposite, the season will end on a loss.

Do you plan on continuing baseball into your college career?

McCracken: I would like to but education is my main focus. I have a couple of showcases to attend then we will see where college baseball goes.

Are you going to be involved in any summer leagues?

McCracken: Yes. I will be doing federation ball with Coach Brock Anders. Along with fed I’ll be doing travel ball with Troy Allen and the Rail Splitters. I will also be attending college showcases.