Juniors attend career/opportunity fair

Sidney Patterson, Staff Writer

The B-A Junior Class of 2018 took a field trip to the Altoona Field House for the annual Opportunity Fair last Wednesday.

The Opportunity Fair is a chance for colleges and post-secondary schools to showcase what they offer to upcoming graduates. It is offered to all the juniors and seniors in Blair County.

The high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Kathy Butler, organized the experience for Bellwood’s eleventh grade class with the help of Vice-Principal Mrs. Cathy Adams.

“The Opportunity Fair is to benefit kids who are going to a post-secondary or into the military to see college options and talk to admission officers to find out about what they need to be accepted,” said Mrs. Adams.

Students found it very helpful to get an understanding of their options after high school.

“It’s a big realization to all the opportunities you actually have. I think it’s very useful,” said junior Briana Sisto.

B-A is all about succeeding, so it is starting its students off early.