High school juniors prepare for PSAT


Bryce Graham

One of the big tests in a high school career, the PSAT is being offered on Saturday.

Sidney Patterson, Staff Writer

They say that your junior year is one of the most important academic years of your high school education, and this year, B-A’s junior class is taking the devil by the horns.

That focus is standardized testing, and the showdown is this Wednesday, October 19th

Each year the PSAT is offered to the eleventh graders to prepare them for the real Scholastic Aptitude  Test, or SAT. To any college-bound student, the SAT can mean sink or swim for their college of choice.

The test is also open to some sophomores and even freshman, based on the number of slots open.

The SAT is a standardized test primarily used for college admission. Although it has been around for a long time, it has changed with the generations, making it very difficult to know what to expect. With that said, many students have mixed emotions about the testing.

“It seems scary, but it’ll give me an idea of how (the real SAT) is going to be,” said junior Hannah Matley.

Some students however are focusing more on the benefit.

It seems scary, but it’ll give me an idea of how (the real SAT) is going to be.

— Hannah Matley

“If you do well on the PSAT you can get scholarships, and it will prepare you for the SAT,” said Tabbie Thomas.

The PSAT is made to be a trial run of your real SAT to know what to expect as far as questions and possible scores. While some schools decide to not look at your SAT scores, more than sixty percent of colleges say that they can be of considerable value, so it’s best to take it either way.

“The PSAT is to help prepare for the real SAT so students know what kinds of questions will be on the assessment,” said Assistant Principal Mrs. Adams.