Freshmen learn about CTC options


Bryce Graham

The Freshman Class listens intently to Mrs. Swales talk about various CTC opportunities.

Beau Potter, Staff Writer

If you want to learn how to be a chef or a hair stylist or even a welder, then the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center (CTC) might be the place for you.

Bellwood-Antis ninth graders learned all about the CTC yesterday at the freshmen CTC assembly.

Mrs. Kathy Butler, the B-A guidance counselor, introduced Mrs. Gayle Swales, the CTC guidance counselor. She elaborated on the freshmen visit and what is going to happen on November 15 when the  ninth graders have a chance to visit the Altoona facility .

Mrs. Swales gave a brief description of what it’s like at the CTC and why they should deeply consider applying. Afterwards, she showed them a video that expanded their knowledge of what courses the CTC offers and what they could do.

Afterwards, many freshmen said that they found the presentation helpful.

“It influenced me into looking at more options,” said Anna Green. “Now I’m interested into looking at programs like EMS and auto body repair.”

After the video Mrs. Swales showed the students the CTC website and how to apply for their desired program.

Abby Pearce said she may not go to CTC, but that the presentation was still helpful.

“I’m debating on whether or not to go to the CTC,” Abby said. “If I go into Emergency Services, I could get a lot of the training I need at the fire hall.”