Bellwood-Antis students participate in mock election


Ali Wagner

Alexis Orona is doing her part by casting her vote during our 2016 mock election.

Jarrett Taneyhill and Joe Padula

Today students at Bellwood-Antis High school participated in the  2016 mock election, voting for who they felt is the best candidate for president.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump won the election in a landslide over Hillary Clinton, 203-40.

It helps students understand how the voting process works.

— Jack Showalter

History teacher Ms. Andrea Brant, who is in charge of the mock election, said she feels that students were more interested in this election than previous ones.  With that being said, she also thinks students were irritated by the negativity surrounding the 2016 election.

“I think they’re more interested, but they are also more aggravated by the negativity of the election process,” said Ms. Brant.

Two juniors, Jack Showalter and Tanner Worthing, who both worked the voting both, echoed each other in saying the mock election was important for helping students who hope to vote in future elections.

“The mock election really prepares you for future elections you could be voting in as an adult, and it also shows you that your voice matters and every vote counts,” said Tanner.

Jack thought that the most important part of the mock election was it modeled the act of voting for students.

“It helps students understand how the voting process works,” Jack explained.

Ms. Brant believes that the students of BAHS went to the polls with their minds made up.

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“I don’t know if it comes from their parents or their own viewpoint,” said Ms. Brant, who was running her fourth election.

Most students felt going in that Trump would be the winner of the 2016 election.

“Donald Trump will win the BA election because around here. All I hear is bad things about Hillary,” said Dule Brunner before the vote. “I know that all of my friends like Donald Trump, and sometimes it all depends on who student’s parents like.”

Senior Sawyer Kline also believed that Trump will win the B-A mock election.

“I know this is a very Republican area and county, and I know most people lean away from voting Democratic,” said Sawyer.

However, some students say that they simply hate Trump and Hillary, so they do not know who do vote for.  Others are voting for Hillary simply because they hate Donald.