Six Students Selected for Honors Band


Kaelynn Behrens

Kaitlyn Hamer, Kyra Woomer, Julie Bauer, Kaitlyn Farber, and Dominic Tornatore willl be attending Susquehanna Honors Band in 2017.

Jason Shade, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 19, six students from Bellwood-Antis were selected to participate in the 25th annual Susquehanna University Honors Band Festival. Those six students are Julie Bauer playing percussion, Kaitlyn Farber with flute, Kaitlyn Hamer and Dominic Tornatore playing alto saxaphone, Kyra Woomer playing the french horn, and Benjamin Eamigh with trombone.

Mr. Patrick Sachse, who directs the High School Concert Band, says that this is a major accomplishment for them.

“This is the only festival where the students will stay in the dorms and experience college life for a weekend,” said Mr.Sachse.

The students will be put into bands that will perform at the 2017 festival. Students will meet at the university in February for the event.

“ The Susquehanna Honors Band run things in their own distinct way, as in they host two bands at once,” said Mr. Sashse. “The top students will be placed in a small select ensemble, while the remaining students will have a great experience in a larger group.”

We want to wish the best of luck to all of the Bellwood-Antis students who are going to participate in this event.