Aevidum to host annual activity fair


Ali Wagner

Last year, Mrs. Adams ended up taped to the wall at the annual Activity Fair.

Julie Norris and Beau Potter

Once again, Aevidum will be hosting its third annual activity fair. It will be held in the high school gymnasium on Thursday, December 22, 2016. It will take place during periods one through four, with ninth and tenth graders during periods one and two and eleventh and twelfth graders during periods three and four.

The activity fair is an event put on by the Aevidum group where several of our Bellwood-Antis clubs set up booths. Some of booths that will be set up during the activity fair consist of Spanish Club serving nachos, band students playing Christmas carols, FCA with a foul shooting game, Blueprint taking video of students for a Youtube video, and a guess that baby contest, where students will have to identify baby photos of teachers. There will also be running multiple games such as bottle flipping, heads up, and charades.

It helps kids get into the holiday spirit and it frees our minds of all the stresses of the school semester right before we leave.

— Abie Boutelier

Aevidum’s booth also plans on doing a special game that would remind students how they “have their backs”, which is the motto for the Aevidum group.

“We enjoy doing this every year so that we can come together and end our calendar year on a good note,” said Aevidum advisor Brandon Stewart. “The important thing is to remember it all started because a group of students wanted (a couple years ago) to do this. They wanted to do something positive for the school community, and we hope to do more things like this.”

Abie Boutiller, a senior who is the Vice President of FFA, thinks that the activity fair is an amazing opportunity for kids to have fun right before break.

“It helps kids get into the holiday spirit and it frees our minds of all the stresses of the school semester right before we leave,” says Abie.

In order to participate in the activity fair, it will cost either one dollar, a roll of paper towels, or hand sanitizer. The money will be donated to the St. Vincent DePaul and the paper towels and hand sanitizer will be donated to the Humane Society.

Mr. Stewart said Aevidum is also considering sponsoring a Thon-type event, as well as a color run in conjunction with other Blair County Aevidum clubs in the spring.