Travel sports are anything but pointless


Joe Padula

Seamus Salmon is a believer in travel sports.

Seamus Salmon, Student Contributor

Some people say that travel sports are pointless and that they are a waste of money. As someone who participates in travel sports, I say that travel sports are not pointless and that these people are wrong. Yes, they can cost money, but they teach life lessons that are priceless. While participating in travel sports, children learn social skills like how to handle new people and cooperation.

How many people go to college for a job that they end up not getting? A lot of people.”

The article Travel Sports Are A Financial Disaster¬† says, “What are you teaching your child when you spend thousands of dollars on youth sports? Some people may argue that you are showing your child how much you love them.” Allow me to rebut¬†this argument. I, as a participant in travel sports, would argue that travel sports teach lessons in which a dollar amount can not be put. How else are children to learn how to communicate with new people? Communication is not an intuitive skill and is better learned at a young age.

This article also says, “… this means your child has a .4% chance of earning a soccer scholarship.” If I’m interpreting this correctly, if dreams are unlikely, it is stupid to pursue them. The author of this article says families are wasting there money when they pay for travel sports. How many people go to college for a job that they end up not getting? A lot of people. The author seems to be saying that they probably aren’t going to be what they want when they grow up so they shouldn’t put money towards it.

So again, I say travel sports are not pointless and although they can cost money, they teach priceless life lessons.