Junior high speech team members place at Indiana

Haley Campbell claims first place


Courtesy photo

Junior high speech team members had another strong showing at Indiana.

Jake Miller, Staff Writer

Thursday night concluded a fun season for Haley Campbell. The freshman took first overall in poetry at the last meet of the season at Indiana Junior High School.

This continued a good trend for Haley after she placed third three weeks ago in Somerset, and failed to place at the season opener at B-A.

“It was a great way to end the year, knowing how many times I went down to Mrs. Taylor, and knowing all that practice came to a good ending,” said Haley.

“They were all much better speakers at the end of the season than they were at the beginning.”

— Mrs. Taylor

“She had a 1-1-1-1, which is the best rank you can possibly get, and she also did that at the last meet. It was pretty impressive.” said Mrs. Kathy Taylor, the speech team coach on Haley’s finish.

Aside from Haley, Bellwood-Antis was able to claim three second place spots with Lydia Worthing and Avery Turek taking a spot in duo, Emma Corrado in improptu, and Raela Zuiker in prose. B-A also claimed two third places with Sarah Berkowitz and Caroline Nagle.

“I’ve never done prose before, and I did better with the category of prose than in past seasons in other categories, so I was pretty proud of what I did,” Caroline said.

Overall, though, this season was about improvement according to Mrs. Taylor.

“They showed a lot of improvement, everybody improved in their pieces and their placings and we usually had about 90% of our kids place at each meet.

“A lot of (our team) improved in their speaking ability if they didn’t improve in their placing, like they improved their pieces a lot,” Mrs. Taylor said in summing up the season.