B-A Students receive over $66,000


Achievement Banquet

Thirty-five senior received more than $66,000 in scholarships at the annual Achievement Banquet.

The 31st annual Achievement recognition and scholarship banquet recognized senior students for their superior work this school year last evening. Local donors helped give away more than $66,000 in scholarship awards to 35 seniors.

Chris Wertman was the big winner, getting the $5,000 Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship. The following students also received awards.

$250 South Hills School of Business & Technology Scholarship

Emmy Shawley

$250 Track and Field Scholarships (2)

Kamryn Mercer and Robert Vankirk

$250 B-A Alumni Scholarship

Tanner Worthing and Dionna Pearce

$250 STAR Team Scholarship

Sidney Patterson

$250 French Club Scholarship

Braden Heisler and Tyler Frye

$500 Blue and Gold Scholarship (2)

Mikala McCracken and Christina Hollen

Mikala McCracken Christina Hollen

$500 BA Class of 1983 Scholarship

Julie Bauer

$500 Choral Scholarship

Jack Showalter

$500 RMS Scholarship

Tanner Worthing

$500 Musical Scholarship

Robert VanKirk

$500 Choral Technical Scholarship

Kermit Foor

$500 Kent and Barbara Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Matley

$500 B-A class of ‘72

Mikala McCracken

$500 B-A Band Scholarship (2)

Kyra Woomer and Julie Bauer

$500 Majorette Scholarship

Dionna Pearce

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship

Alexandra Dumin

$500 Bellwood-Antis Community Choir Scholarship (3)

$500 Beard Legal Group Academics Scholarship

$500 Bellwood-Antis Knights Of Columbus Scholarship

$500 Lions Club Scholarship

Shane Thomas

$500 Class of ’64 Scholarship

Kaitlyn Farber

$500 Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship

Mikayla Mason

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship

Danielle Coakley

$500 DJB Scholarship

Danielle Coakley

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Alexis Parson

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Memory of Harold Wagner

Rachel Wertz

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Memory of Howard Walker

Mikayla Mason

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship

Emmy Shawley

$500 Darrin G. Watters Memorial Scholarship

Kaylob Tatsch

$500 Captain James “Whitney” Stephens Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by the B-A Class of 1960)

Christopher Wertman

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship (2)

Sidney Patterson and Lydia Eamigh

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship (2) (Sponsored by BA Youth Football League)

Eric Morder and Hannah Matley

$500 Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships (2)

Tristan Claypoole and Jamilyn Daley

$500 B-A Class of 1984 (2)

Mikala McCracken and Kamryn Mercer

$750 David C. Heisler, II Memorial Scholarship

Kaitlyn Farber

$750 Mary Jane Barr Memorial Scholarship

Christina Hollen

$750 BAEA Scholarship

Kermit Foor and Dionna Pierce

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarships (2)

Kermit Foor and Alexis Gerwert

$1000 Himes Family Scholarship

Kaylob Tatsch

$1000 Dennis L. McClellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Miller

$1000 Dr. and Mrs. Christopher McClellan Scholarship

Alexandra Dumin

$1000 Bellwood-Antis Retired Principals Scholarship

Tabatha Thomas

$1000 Timothy Sissler Memorial Scholarsip

Shane Thomas and Christina Hollen

$1000 The Polly Love Blessing Scholarship

Tabatha Thomas

$1000 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarships (2)

Hannah Hornberger and Jared Zitterbart

$1000 DelGrosso Foods Inc. Scholarship

Trent Walker

$1000 Thelma Rittenhouse Scholarship

Jacob Miller and Tanner Worthing

$1000 Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Boyer Refrigeration)

Robert VanKirk

$1000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship (2)

Sidney Patterson and Jack Showalter

$1500 Mary Beth Banks Memorial Scholarship

Kermit Foor

$1500 Darlene Carter Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Frye

$1500 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarships

Eric Morder

$1500 Mrs. Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship

Kamryn Mercer

$1500 David W. Lewis Family Scholarships

Julie Bauer

$1500 United Veterans Club Scholarship

Kaitlyn Farber

$1500 UVHA William Sitman Memorial Scholarship

Robert VanKirk

$1550 Harshman Family Scholarship

Braden Heisler

$1800 Class of ’44 Scholarship (2)

Hannah Hornberger and Kermit Foor

$2500 Hostler Memorial Scholarship (2)

Hannah Hornberger and Braden Heisler

$5000 Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Wertman

Also during the ceremony, a number of students were recognized for achievement awards they received throughout the school year. Members of the chorus, band and FFA all received recognition, as did students attending the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center. Dustin Miller was honored as a National Technical Honor Society member, Danielle Coakley and Kaitlyn Knisely were recognized as Senior of the Year in their Fields of study, and Emily Pielmeier was distinguished as a Piotr Marciniak Memorial Scholarship winner.

Robert VanKirk was recognized as the highest SAT score earner in the senior class, the BluePrint and its staff were honored for their accomplishments throughout the year, and all honor students were noted with distinction for their efforts.