Students encouraged to get the flu vaccination


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Nurse Hoover encourages everyone to get their flu vaccination.

Malia Danish, Staff Writer

Flu season always starts and lasts about fall through spring; September through April, which are the prime school months. Flu vaccinations are now available, and Bellwood-Antis school nurse Mrs. Hoover strongly suggested that you get one.

“I recommend everyone to get the flu vaccination.” said Nurse Hoover.  “The flu can be fatal in infants and the elderly over 60.”

Although the vaccination helps prevent acquiring the flu, there is still a chance you could get it. The flu vaccination is based on the area you live in; therefore, certain strands of the flu are more dominant in areas then others are.

The vaccination mostly only contains those certain strands to help you build antibodies against them.  If any of the other strands of the flu that are not around this area come in contact with you, you can still get sick from the flu.

Some of the side effects of the flu shot include fatigue and body aches. Also, another side effect is a low grade fever.  However, only 1 to 2 percent of people will have side of a fever.

Overall, the flu vaccine is considered safe. You can’t catch the flu from the vaccine because the virus in the vaccine is always either killed or weakened.

“The flu vaccination usually lasts about a year” said Mrs. Hoover.  “It takes about two weeks to be effective.”