Spotlight on Staff: Jestelynn Heaton


Name: Jestelynn Heaton

Age: 17

Years in BluePrint: 1

What do you enjoy about BP?

The thing I like the most about Blueprint is being able to write meaningful stories for people to enjoy.

What’s your favorite things you’ve done in BP so far?

My favorite thing I’ve done in Blueprint so far is writing the featured alumni story about Emily Nagle because that was the biggest story I have written this year and it got a lot of attention.

What would you tell a person considering joining BP?

I would tell them that Blueprint is not a class to sit around and do nothing. In this class, you are apart of something bigger and you have to do your best to write stories to help reach the awards that the BA Blueprint has won in the past. I would also tell them that you improve on your writing skills in this class.

What are you involved in outside of BP?      

I play softball and volleyball. I am also part of the Renaissance club.