MASTERING HIGH SCHOOL: How to Have Self-Confidence


Maria Cuevas

Self confidence means loving yourself.

Rebecca Burns, Staff Writer

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in yourself. Many people struggle with having a balance between too little and too much self-confidence. I want to inspire you to believe in yourself because many people struggle with this and it can easily affect your life in a negative way. A lot of people can’t find anything good about themselves and they believe that everyone else is so much better than them. But, it is a lie. They are worthy and valuable, and so are you.

Maria Cuevas
We’ve got three simple steps to building self-confidence.

First, do not look a certain way because other people want you to. Make yourself look beautiful in your own eyes. Wear clothing that expresses you, makes you comfortable, and makes you look attractive. Everyone has their personal opinion, and you can’t change that. Therefore, move on and accept that you may have to agree to disagree. Next, work on presenting yourself. Look in a mirror and see what facial expressions make you look the best. Remember how your face feels and present your best side to the world. Do not change the way you look due to a new trend or because you’re afraid that others will judge you.

Not only is looking the way you want going to make you feel confident, you might also become self-confident from setting goals. Common goals include getting in shape for a sport, becoming more social, and not feeling ashamed because something you did was not perfect. For me, I walk in the halls and wave to everyone and make eye contact, which was something I tried to avoid in the past. Now every time I say something awkward that did not come out the way I wanted it to, I tell myself that the people who are looking at me weirdly are just jealous because I said something unique and different. Accomplishing goals will definitely make you feel proud in who you are.

Lastly, there are several small steps that you can take to positively impact your outlook. First, you should list everything exceptional about yourself. If you are having a hard time coming up with anything, ask your parents and friends for strengths they see in you. Another tip to make you happier is to have your own theme song, and every time you are feeling down, just play that song in your head. Additionally, if you feel like you are not doing anything good in your life, set little goals and accomplish them so that you will slowly work towards your overall goal. Furthermore, spend time doing activities that inspire you and make you happy. Stay away from anything with negative vibes.

In summary, get rid of anything that makes you doubtful or nervous, you need to be yourself. Self-confidence is all about being proud to be you. Do not change who you are. Embrace yourself. All of these things I listed are to help you to be proud of your abilities, your choices, and the way you look. Do not hang around people who say negative things to you. You are dazzling, so be yourself and love every minute of it.