FORGOTTEN BELLWOOD: The hidden classroom


Kaelynn Behrens

This week Tim Mercer takes Mya Decker on a tour of the hidden classroom above the auditorium stage,

In 2018, the Bellwood-Antis auditorium is a place for holiday and spring concerts, musical productions, and student assemblies. That pretty standard for most high school auditoriums, but there’s a history of that space of the school that is fading year by year.

At one time there was a classroom above the auditorium stage, an area reserved decades ago for special education instruction that is now used for storage. But there’s even more.

In this week’s edition of Forgotten Bellwood, host Mya Decker and tour guide Tim Mercer, a 1984 B-A grad who is now head of district security, take a close look at the world above the stage in the auditorium – a space that includes long forgotten classrooms, living yearbooks, and lost artifacts of a time gone by.