Look at the lockers!

Renaissance recognizes senior with decorations


Jess Heaton

Renaissance Club is celebrating student college choices with logos on lockers.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

For the 2018-2019 school year at Bellwood-Antis, the Renaissance Club has made it a mission to make everyone feel included.  

In the club’s most recent attempt, the teachers are trying to find out what every student in the class of 2019 wants to do after high school, whether they are going off to college, going into the military, or going straight into the work force. Whatever their plans may be, the logo of their college, workplace, or military branch will be placed on their locker. For example, if a student is going to work at Sheetz after high school then a Sheetz logo will be placed on their locker, if they are going to Penn State then a Penn State logo will be placed on their locker, and if they are going to enlist into the Air Force then the Air Force emblem will be placed on their locker.  

Jess Heaton
Lockers upstairs are decorated with senior college choices.

With graduation coming quickly, the B-A staff wanted to make the seniors feel accepted with whatever they want to do after high school.  The staff also wants to make sure the seniors focus on their goals and stay on task because the second half of the year can be a motivational struggle for all seniors. 

Chemistry teacher Miss Carrie Clippard, an adviser of Renaissance Club and a part of the locker decoration idea, explained the reasoning for decorating the lockers.  

“Part of Renaissance Club is to make everyone feel recognized for your achievement’s and the locker decorations tie into that. We want to make the seniors feel recognized for the plans they are making, the awesome things they are doing, and the goals they are setting for themselves,” said Miss Clippard.