Tea W/ C: Valentine’s Day


Kaelynn Behrens

What is your opinion about Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is cute when you’re little and you make little valentines for your entire class, but when you get to be about ten, it gets to be corny and your parents realize that they’ve spent too much money on something that is inevitably going to get thrown away. I’m not bitter, just realistic. Valentine’s Day is dumb. It’s cliche, people try too hard, and it’s considered a holiday, but we don’t get school off. It’s pointless.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t even originally a day to celebrate love. It was a day to celebrate St. Valentine, who was a Roman Saint who was a martyr for Christians persecuted in Rome. In some Christian churches, it is actually known as St. Valentine’s Day, not just Valentine’s Day.

The whole “Love Day” stuff didn’t even come into play until the 14th century, nearly 10 centuries after it originated.

Valentines Day has been around literally for ages. At this point it’s basically tradition, but that doesn’t change the fact that people still hate it.

Here is how people who aren’t in relationships view Valentine’s Day:

“Ugh, I’m so alone.”

“Ugh, I wanna be in a relationship.”

“Ugh, I want to be loved on Valentine’s Day.”

For people not in a relationship, it’s more a day of self-loathing. They make themselves sad. They probably watch hopeless romantic Nicholas Sparks movies and buy themselves chocolate. They try to stay off of social media and mainstream TV so they do not have to see sappy posts and annoying Valentine’s Day specials.

“It’s just a day of disappointment and unrealistic commercialism,” says Kaelynn Behrens.

Here is how people who are in relationships view Valentine’s Day:

“Ugh, this day has such high expectations.”

“Ugh, just one day out of the year for him to actually love me.”

“Ugh, look at that couple that did this day better than we did.”

For people in a relationship, this day is stressful and sometimes heartbreaking for the over dramatic significant other. You worry if you got them too much or not enough. If you are in a three year relationship and didn’t get an engagement ring, you’re disappointed.

When I asked Mya Decker, who is in a happy relationship, about her thoughts on this day, she just rolled her eyes.

The point is that no matter what your relationship status is, everyone dreads Valentine’s Day.

If someone really loves you, shouldn’t they celebrate their love for you all year round? That is my real issue with this “holiday.” Yes, it is commercialized. Yes, it is sappy. Yes, it is annoying. Yes, it is stressful. But, if someone can’t treat you right all year, then why should one day make any difference.