“A Night to be Remembered”


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Tim Burns and Lisa Hazlett were crowned king and queen of Prom 1989.

Emma Chronister, Staff Writer

May 12, 1989 was when the junior/senior prom occurred for the B-A Class of 1989.

Their theme for the 1989 prom was “Forever Young.” It was a night to be remembered by many, a night when ordinary students were transformed into refined ladies and gentlemen, according to a May, 1989 edition of the Hylite.

Back then the evening of prom began with a traditional Grand March, when the couples slowly strolled across the auditorium stage in their prom attire. Students were then directed to the gym, where the actually prom began.

Tim Burns and Lisa Hazlett, the royal couple, was crowned by prom representatives Jeff Nycum and Missy Bailey. After Tim and Lisa were crowned they led the traditional last dance  to the senior class song, “Never Say Good-bye.”

In contrast, Prom 2019 will take place this Friday, April 26, and it will take place at the Casino in Lakemont rather than at Bellwood-Antis High School. There is no longer an Afterglow as there was in 1989, nor does B-A crown a prom King and Queen any longer.