Tune Talk: Willie’s Top 10 Best Blink-182 Songs

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

10. The Rock Show (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) (2001)
This song I wasn’t a huge fan of, but I thought it was generally good. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a big Tom DeLonge fan, and but Tom fan I don’t mean his work with whatever dumb alien stuff he’s doing I mean his work with Blink-182 of course. I love Tom’s vocals on all of the studio albums that he’s included on. I’m not saying I don’t like Mark’s voice, I loved Mark’s vocals in songs like “Dammit” and “Adam’s Song.” I’m just weird with this one. Other than those weird things I have with it, I love playing the song on Guitar Hero 5 on Hard, it’s interesting.

9. What’s My Age Again? (Enema of the State) (1999)
This song really defines my personality whenever my parents or any adult calls me out for being dumb or whatever stupid thing I do. I immediately think of this song whenever somebody tries to make fun of me for not acting my age. Although in my opinion this song sounds more like the girl that the band wrote about is asking the guy she’s on a date with what’s his age and he plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t know what his age is. I just pretend it’s about my parents.

8. Dammit (Dude Ranch) (1997)
I always thought that this song was one of the songs that Mark Hoppus wrote about Tom DeLonge because he was mad at him for leaving the band, but I was incorrect. Apparently it’s not Mark that’s more mad at Tom, nobody’s really mad at Tom, but if I HAD to pick somebody who seems to be more mad at Tom for his behavior, I’d have to pick Travis. Only because those two kept fighting with each other. That’s not the point though, the point is that this song was by far Mark’s best solo vocals on any song with Blink-182.

7. All the Small Things (Enema of the State) (1999)]
Whenever you think of Blink-182 and you’re not this big fan that knows just about every one of their songs like I do, you probably think of this exact song after immediately naming off “I Miss You.” You can’t say I’m wrong. This song is another that’s extremely overplayed but I still love it. It’s a classic. And it’s got Tom in it for me. Tom’s the Ryan Ross of the band in my opinion. He may be an air head, but the dude’s vocals inspire me. No joke.

6. Down (Blink-182) (2003)
This song is one that I tend to play a lot whenever I’m generally feeling down. Depression sucks. So I play this song a lot. It’s another one of their lesser known songs, to those who only know like about three of their songs. Bigger fans will understand why I put this song on this list. It’s so good. I once again love the harmonies between Mark and Tom. It’s just too good. Too good for most of your young ears to handle.

5. Stay Together for the Kids (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) (2001)
This song, other than “Feeling This,” I’d have to say is the best song that Mark and Tom split vocals for. That and I love how it goes from soft to heavy back to soft and then back to heavy over and over again. This song just really had me falling in love with it the first time I heard. I literally have no words to describe how much I loved and still love this song.

4. I Miss You (Blink-182) (2003)
If you thought I was going to be like every so-called “Blink-182 fan” and put this song at number one, you’re clearly far wrong. The song is great, don’t get me wrong. But come on, its way overplayed. It gets old after the first nine hundred times you play it. Whenever I wasn’t getting generally tired of the song, I thought it was great. Hit me in the right place of the heart. I even memorized all of the lyrics that Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge have. But then again, what Blink-182 fan hasn’t already done that. I mean I also did that with “First Date.”

3. First Date (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) (2001)
This song was one of the first songs that I heard whenever I first heard of Blink-182. Of course this as well as “I Miss You” and “All the Small Things” because that’s all the radio would ever play on the radio in the car whenever I was younger and my mom had 94.7 or something like that one. Anyways, this song is still clearly one of my favorites. The music video is hilarious, the song is great, its face paced just the way that I like it and overall it’s cleverly written.

2. Adam’s Song (Enema of the State) (1999)
I know that I’ve non-stop talked about this song in any of the other stories that I’ve wrote for the Blueprint and I’m pretty sure that I’ve labeled the song as one of my number one favorites by Blink. The songs meaning just really touched me. Whenever I heard that the song was about a very tragic suicide of a 16 year old guy named Adam who committed suicide. He wrote a suicide note before actually committing suicide and he mailed the note to Geffen Records, and from there it actually got to Blink-182 and the band wrote a song out of the note in dedication to Adam. Very touching to Adam and his family.

1. Feeling This (Blink-182) (2003)
This song has just recently became one of my favorites and I thank my good friend, Morgan McDermott, for that. Although he played it a little bit too much in his car, I didn’t listen to it much until he continuously played it in his car a lot whenever we hung out. I’ve really started to love the song overall though, it’s a really good classic song. The melodies and counter melodies between Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus are amazing.