Tune Talk: Willie’s Top 10 My Chemical Romance Songs

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

10. Cemetery Drive (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) {2004}
This song was like the go to for most early My Chemical Romance fans whenever they had to choose a song off of the “Three Cheers” album. This song had almost all of the My Chemical Romance fans attempting to memorize the lyrics just to sing in the car or anywhere that it played with their friends. Even I do that now, but I memorized most of the lyrics to all of their songs. The entirety of this song is just beautiful. I love the way they went about going from somewhat quiet in the intro and the bridge to louder at the chorus.

9. Cubicles (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) {2002}
This song I chose to put on this list because I love the chord progression on the guitar as well as the lyrics and the vocals by Gerard Way. This song was one of the first songs that I mainly heard off of this album and I thought it sounded great. I immediately love the rest of the album after hearing this song along with a few others off of the album that I heard for the first time since I’ve only been a My Chemical Romance fan for about a year now. But it’s been a great year and I’m glad that I gave them another try.

8. To the End (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) {2004}
This song actually, most of you might be surprised, is my number one favorite off of the “Three Cheers” album. That’s right, it may not be in the top three or even five spot on this list, but it’s my favorite off of the album. I love the counter melodies that Ray Toro sings with Gerard Way, although he doesn’t make it sound so pretty live. No offense Ray, but you can’t really sing live in 2004. Anyways, there is nothing that I don’t love about this song. I love the style, I love the rhythms, I love the tempo, I love the vocals, the lyrics. Everything I love.

7. This is the Best Day Ever (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) {2002}
This one I chose because I love the fast paced instruments as well as Ray Toro and Frank Iero singing counter melodies with Gerard Way. I just loved how they all kind of sang together. That and I just love the sarcastic title of the song. This song was one of the first that I heard off of its album and I thought it sounded really, really good. That and I love the all the sudden cut off at the end that just ends the song.

6. Mama (The Black Parade) {2006}
This was the first song that I listened to whenever I re-attempted to get into My Chemical Romance. I actually couldn’t stand them first before I actually tried to get into them. The album is average, don’t judge me or hunt me down. Sorry everyone but “Three Cheers” and “Bullets” are so much better than “The Black Parade.” Anyways, I’d have to label this song as the best off of the album. I love the heaviness of the instruments and the vocals by Gerard.

5. Demolition Lovers (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) {2002}
This song was actually the very first song that I tried to play on the guitar by My Chemical Romance. I loved the intro to this song so I figured I’d try to learn it for fun, and it was fairly easy. I only know the intro though, I have yet to learn the rest of the song. Anyways, this song is another one that just hit me right in the heart and I just loved the chord progressions that the guitars had as well as Gerard’s lead vocals.

4. The Ghost of You (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) {2004}
This song about the second or third song I ever heard from My Chemical Romance. I mean, after I stopped trashing them and my friend, Lordin Williams, insisted I give them a second chance. She had me listen to “Mama,” “Helena,” and this song. I loved and still love them all. This song just hits you right in the heart. With the emo lyrics about war and how some of the soldiers are “never coming home.” It just hits you right in the heart. The music video is just as beautiful. It even sets the scene in a war. And it has Mikey Way die in front of Gerard Way and they end up hanging out together, like the rest of the band except for Mikey, to celebrate the end of the war because they won, but it’s depressing because one of the soldiers, Mikey, is obviously not there to be with them.

3. Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back (Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys) {2010}
Although this song came off of a bad album. Let’s just admit that “Danger Days” was not a good album, I think we can all admit that it’s not a good album. This song was the only bright side of the album in my opinion. This song kind of just felt like old My Chemical Romance was trying to come back in the “Danger Days” era. If you don’t know what I mean, listen to the song. Like the chords and the rhythm sound heavy like they used to in the “Three Cheers” and “Bullets” era. Like, it sounded like their old selves were trying to break out in the “Danger Days” album. I thought this song was really cool and it’s personally my favorite off of this album.

2. Helena (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) {2004}
The original classic My Chemical Romance anthem. Others may say that “Welcome to the Black Parade” would be My Chemical Romance’s anthem, but they’d be wrong. This song came out first. It was big first. And in my opinion, it’s bigger and better than “Welcome to the Black Parade” ever was. I love the rhythm of this song and the meaning behind it. I love how Gerard wrote this song about him and Mikey’s grandma. I love how this song is held in memory for his grandmother.

1. Drowning Lessons (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) {2002}
This song has always been my favorite. I know that the meaning is deep and depressing and has a lot to do with a man who ends up killing a thousand “evil souls,” but by “evil souls” My Chemical Romance meant that he was basically killing innocent random people because the devil convinced the guy to do it in order to see his lover again. I’ve already explained this in a different story on this website. Anyways, I love everything about this song. The rhythm is amazing, I love the lyrics and the way that Gerard sings the lead vocals. The guitar chords are really cool in my opinion. Even the morbid meaning really hit me in the heart and I just fell in love with the song overall. It’s just an amazing song.