B-A students heading to Xscape Xstravaganza


Kaelynn Behrens

Escape room experts from B-A will be attending an escape room competition later this month.

Alex Frederick, Staff Writer

Bellwood-Antis is sending 11 high school student to a first-of-its kind escape room competition called “Xscape Xstrauauanza”.

There are four B-A teams are participating out of other fourteen teams from six other districts, with 60 students in all attending.

“Each team had to come up with a story idea and create an escape room on a table that follows the story, kind of like a mini escape room. You have 30 minutes to get through the game and ‘ get out’ before the time runs out,” said Mya Decker, one of the students who is attending.

Groups will not be locked inside escape rooms, but instead solving problems to undo the locks that would normally be found in an escape room.

This event is a spin off of Bellwood’s very own escape room, the Hidden Exit.

The escape room competition takes place May 31 at the IU8 head-quarters.