FORGOTTEN BELLWOOD: Memorial Stadium, The Finale part a.


Kaelynn Behrens

Join us with Mr. Nick Lovrich, the head football and track coach!

When you think of Memorial Stadium the first thing that comes to mind is probably Friday nights and Bellwood-Antis football.

There’s no question the Blue Devils put the most eyes of the 60-year old facility, but when it was remodeled in 1996 the program that benefited most from the reboot was probably the track and field team. The stadium was upgraded to include an all-weather track and new jumping pits, and for decades it was the premier facility in the ICC. By many measures it still holds that distinction.

Mya Decker peeled back the curtain with Coach Nick Lovrich in this final installment of Forgotten Bellwood to learn more about the reinvention of Memorial Stadium. Coach Lovrich graduated from B-A in 1991 and began teaching and coaching here in 1997, so he has a strong feeling for the history of the field both before and after renovation.