The Hallway Scoop

An inside look at the new taped off hallways in the middle school


Corbin Nale

Caitlyn McCartney and Haley Campbell investigate the use of tape to mark off the middle school hallways.

Caitlyn McCartney and Haley Campbell

At Bellwood-Antis High School students simply walk on the right side of the hallway to move in one direction and the left to move another, obeying the same traffic laws as American Drivers. Simple, right?

Not so. In the middle school, traffic congestion and student running into one another had grown into a big enough problem that this year teachers implemented a new system. They have now marked out lanes on the middle school hallways floors to separate students walking on the left from those traveling on the right.

How is this new system working? Reporters Haley Campbell and Caitlyn McCartney found out for this edition of The Hallway Scoop.