Court is in Session

Mock Trial set to begin for 2020


Corbin Nale

Mock Trial team member Cazen Cowfer goes over the case with adviser Mr. Elder.

Jackson Boyer, Staff Writer

Cyberbullying is a major problem in today’s society.  People feel the anonymous nature of the internet provides them with the ability to bully without being found out, and victims of cyberbullying are almost powerless because the internet encompasses every aspect of modern day life.

Victims feel trapped, alone and tore down. 

This is the case for Addison Babbage: Ruffed Grouse High School chess star turned cyberbully victim, who is suing the school for failure to act when notified about bullying he was suffering.

Having fun and getting hands-on learning about the legal system are paramount to any wins..

— Mr. Elder

This makes up the heart of the newest Mock Trial case. The B-A Mock Trial team will be arguing it and it currently prepping for the 2020 competition season.  

The team is being lead by Mr. Matthew Elder, who has prior experience in training Mock Trial teams for court. 

“This is my second year at B-A.  I also was an assistant Mock Trial Coach at Tyrone for a year,” shared Mr. Elder. “Before that, I coached middle school Mock Trial in North Carolina for three years.”  

Coming off of a strong season last year with team almost winning its case, Mr. Elder is excited for this season.  

“This year we return most of that core group and we have a good number of new members, so I think it’s reasonable to set your goal at winning a case this year,” he said.

Lauren Young and Brenden Andrews, both Mock Trial members, and also excited for this year, setting their sights on wins for the 2020 season. 

Things to look for this season include: large group numbers (allowing for a fully teamed plaintiff and defense group), and many returning competitors. 

It will be interesting to see the direction the teams take for the Addison Babbage case, but winning is not the only goal. 

Mr. Elder said “…having fun and getting hands-on learning about the legal system are paramount to any wins.” 

The gavel is tapped. Court is in Session.