Scholastic Scrimmage Team falls in the Semi-Finals


Courtesy photo

Scholastic Scrimmage team members Zac Amato, John Sloey, Caedon Poe, Kenny Robison, Jack Luensmann and Philip Chamberlain had an Honorable Mention finish at the IU last week.

Malia Danish, Staff Writer

On Friday, the Bellwood-Antis Scholastic Scrimmage Team went to the Altoona IU 8 Office for the championship rounds of Quiz League and took home an honorable mention finish.

Bellwood dropped its first two meets to Altoona.  This is the the second straight time that Bellwood’s Scholastic Scrimmage Team has earned a honorable mention.

The team did a very good job, even though some of their strongest teammates were missing.  These teammates were Emma Corrado, Alex Taylor, and Aiden Taylor.

“I am pleased that we continue to make it to the semi-finals, especially this year when we attended several meets without our full team,” said Coach Mrs. Kathy Taylor. “We compete against some larger schools like Altoona and Hollidaysburg.  Our team works well together.”

Philip Chamberlin was awarded as the 3rd highest individual scorer. He is the only senior on the team, so the future is bright, but Mrs. Taylor said his presence will be missed.

“Philip has been an impressive captain. He will leave big shoes to fill,” she said.