Gormont Places at Student Congress Meet


Courtesy photo

Sam Gormont continues to shine on the Student Congress circuit.

Mara Bollinger, Staff Writer

Senior Sam Gormont kicked off the Student Congress season with a top ranking.

Gormont earned merit speaker, which is equivalent to third place, in the Student Congress meet on December 17, when coach Ms. Kathy Taylor and he traveled to Somerset Area High School to kick off the season in the first meet. 

Student Congress is an extracurricular public speaking activity where students act as representatives and speak pro or con, propose bills or resolutions to convince the “house” to vote in their favor. Not all of the students have to speak, but after the members who do wish to speak present their side, members of the house vote on whether to pass the bill or not.

Some of the bills in the past that have been presented were resolution to federally remove philosophical vaccination exemptions and a resolution to pardon non violent drug offenders.

The house will vote for a superior speaker, Outstanding speaker, and merit speaker.Standing as first, second, and third place.

Ms. Taylor said Student Congress is a great way to improve your writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills while having a little fun along the way. 

The next meet will be at Bellwood on January 9th from 4:00 to 6:00. This meet is a perfect way for students to observe and participate.