Life after 2:53

For most students, their day doesn’t end when school lets out at 2:53. In fact, much of their day is still ahead of them, in the form of work, practices, and other activities in the surrounding community. Balancing the outside school aspect, while continuing to maintain a legitimate student life sets one, at whatever age, at an advantage to those who do not take part in activities outside of school. This can be inferred due to the skills that one unknowingly develops and improves upon, such as time management, scheduling, and interpersonal relationships. The toll, seemingly adds up to nothing, as the student is generally taking steps to prepare them for the next chapter of life after high school. In this article, the after school routines of three students have been broken down to see what effects they have on their lives, and the stress that comes along with it.


Sam Gormomt, an old-fashioned type of person is in his senior year here at BA, and is anxious ready to move on to the next part of his life. He has a tremendous academic commitment, and dedicates much of his time towards his friends and family after the school day. Starting when he gets home, Sam heads to his organ to practice his music before heading to karate class in the evening hours. While not doing either of those activities, Sam prefers to hangout and chill on his phone, study if need be, or take care of his brother, Daniel, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In a perfect world, Sam would come home having no homework, then practicing the organ, eating supper with friends, then if time permits, going to karate. 


Another senior that is ready to leave BA is Mount Aloysius commit, Sydney Lechner. In her four years of high school, Sydney has taken upon multiple roles for the Lady Blue Devil volleyball squad. Her position at setter amounts to great success, as she is surely a hard worker, and determined teammate. During her spring and summers over the years she has played across the surrounding states with her travel team, Horseshoe Volleyball Club, and this has led her to her next level of competition at the Mount. Sydney’s days after school consist of lifting, doing homework, spending time with family and going to volleyball practices or games. Not having time to work, she alloughts much of her time into the sport she has grown to love, and her character reflects just that. In a perfect scenario after school, Sydney says she would go home and relax, watch some tv then go out shopping with her friends. After shopping, she sees herself at Texas Roadhouse with her boyfriend, and then heading home to spend time with her family. 


Lincoln Boyer, another senior with much on his mind, is another busy person after the clock strikes 2:53. He definitely has much on his plate, as his skill set ranges from the classroom, to the field, to the world of artwork. When school lets out Lincoln either heads to work at Boyer Refrigeration, for roughly 2-3 hours or heads home to study the day’s material. When he’s done with that, he aims to spend the rest of the night with his friends and family. In a perfect world, Lincoln’s after school routine would look like this: hanging out with friends after school, going out to eat at Red Lobster, and then finishing the day by watching The Office. 


Moving to the juniors, Trenton Pelligrino, known by most as “Pelly,” is one of those laid back kids that goes with the flow, while still getting his work done. After school most days for him consist of basketball practice, or another form of practice, but when he has the day off, he likes to be with his friends. After practice is over, Pelly hits the shower, then sits down for a family meal before having the rest of the night to himself, which usually has Xbox written all over it. A perfect day after school would begin after a big win in a game, then going home to eat some steak before heading out for the night to hangout with friends. 


One of the tallest people in the school, Zach Miller, is another junior standout in at BA, and has a lot coming up for him in the coming years. When the bell rings, Zach is headed either to basketball practice or home to chill out on the couch. After most days of basketball, he comes home to shower, eat, then going to bed. “Zippy,” being big and tall, loves to eat, and he likes to refuel on most days with his favorite food, buffalo wings. A perfect day in his mind would start with coming home, going to practice, coming back home to shower before playing COD with the boys for hours on end. 


No matter what student you ask here at BA, their after school routines vary from all sorts of matters. From work, to practices, or just going home to hang out before other ideas come to mind are just a few activities that take place after school lets out for the day. Reasons for doing them vary from making money to supporting the Blue and Gold on game night, but no matter the cause, everyone’s day is different, and that’s what build the Blue Devil community.