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Jack Luensmann returns as a starter on the B-A baseball tam.

Landon Bungo, Sports Writer

Sophomore Jack Luensmann has been playing baseball since he was 5.

The position he plays most  is pitcher, and he’s good enough that he earned a varsity letter in ninth grade. As a freshman he had 16 strikeouts and a .317 on base percentage.

At bat, Jack had 6 runs with 14 hits, 9 runs batted in and 2 doubles.

Jack also likes to workout at the Northern Blair County Rec Center 5-6 times a week, but his most intense baseball workouts come at Diamond Sports in Spring Mills, where he goes up to three times a week along with his brother Travis to improve his skills.

Jack is excited for the season because he believes that will play a lot.

Both of his brothers have enjoyed storied careers. Chad, a 2015 grad, was drafted by the Mets, was the Big 10 rookie of the Year playing at Nebraska, and is now in his senior season playing at UCF. Travis, meanwhile, signed to play at the University of South Carolina earlier this school year.