Aarron laird

Name: Aarron Laird

Age: 16

Years in BluePrint: 1

What do you enjoy about BP?

I enjoy writing stories and going over the BluePrint website and editing it.

What’s your favorite things you’ve done BP so far?

My favorite thing I have done in blue print so far is posting the morning announcements on YouTube then putting it on the BluePrint website.

What would you tell a person considering joining BP?

This class is very fun but you have to work hard and pull your own weight. It helps you learn many skills like leadership and writing. I highly recommend taking this class if you have the chance.

What are you involved in outside of BP?      

FFA, FCA, First responders club, Junior fire fighter,  Sons of the American legion, legion riders, play video games with friends, football, wrestling, and track.