Bellwood Bios: Trenton Pellegrino’s WWE Obsession


Courtesy photo

Trenton Pellegrino, seen here in his elementary days with a WWE championship, has been a serious World Wrestling Entertainment fan for most of his life.

Caroline Nagle, Social Media Editor

Anyone who knows Trenton Pellegrino knows he is an WWE mega fan. He started getting into WWE wrestling roughly at the young age of 4 or 5. 

Trenton started his love for WWE because when he was younger, his dad had a bunch of old pay-per-view videos.

“I would sit and watch WWE wrestling for hours on end,” he explained.  

Trenton’s favorite WWE wrestler is Randy Orton, who is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. 

“I love his character and the RKO of course,” Trenton said. 

His least favorite WWE wrestler is Brock Lesnar, and his reason is a common one. Lesnar is seen by many fans as a part-timer, coming around only for the big shows or big matches.

“Lesnar comes back to the WWE at least once a year and wins the title,” he explained. 

Trenton has also been to multiple WWE live events. He went to Night of Champions 2009, a few Monday Night Raws, and even to a few small house shows. 

Trenton is such a super fan that he has the WWE network, which features an extensive vault of old-school wrestling videos as well as features on the current stars. It also allows subscribers to take in 12 pay per views each year for a low monthly fee instead of paying $50-$60 per show, as was common in the old days.

“I can watch every WWE thing you could imagine,” Trenton explained. 

Trenton has been a lifelong fan of WWE wrestling to the point where he even keeps up with some of the biggest WWE stars on social media. Most superstars have a social media presence which allows them to continue storylines in character or to post out of character and provide a glimpse into their personal lives.