OPINION: Media hypocrisy


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The media publishes stories that can be misleading and sometimes flat-out false.

There is so much hypocrisy in the media, as most of us know at this point. They demonize anything and everything, even speech, from one side while lying about or defending violence from the other. In light of this it is very important to acknowledge the truth about such matters as these. The truth is there has been violence on both sides, but less from one side. 

The attack on the Capitol building on Jan. 6 has been called an insurrection and a riot. It was very much a riot and a horrible act, with this being said many were let in by police. It was still a horrible act and all those who committed violence should be wholly condemned. Yet still it was not the first time the Capitol Building was stormed or taken over temporarily. In 2017, Women’s March protesters stormed the building and took over parts of it. In 2018 protestors went in, blocked hallways, and disrupted proceedings during the Kavanaugh hearings. At the same time rioters broke through police barricades and attacked the Supreme Court building. These events were not met with the same disgust and condemnation as this most recent one, which saw 25,000 national guard soldiers placed in Washington DC, barricades and walls put up, and 5,000 national guard soldiers being deployed for an extended period of time. Meanwhile some Democratic congressmen also called for crew manned machine guns to be deployed. Where was this response to the other times there was an “insurrection” at the capital. 

What’s more, the US has seen almost a year of mass rioting across the country. Buildings were being burned down, people were being murdered, and police were being attacked. Depending on what numbers you use 20-30 people were murdered in the riots. There was about 2 billion dollars in insurance payout for riot related damage, which does not cover nearly all of the damage. For example most insurance policies did not even cover a small portion of the rubble removal. In Portland there was a nightly siege of a federal courthouse that went on for more than one and half months. Despite all of this these riots were defended and lied about. The media and Democratic politicians played down the damage of the riots. This mass violence not considered significant, but the Capital Riot was considered a massive and unheard of event. 

Outside of the riots leftists have routinely seized control of portions of cities. There have been several autonomous zones in many places. These include Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Washington DC. In these areas of captured land people have ruthlessly murdered, beaten, and extorted. In the Seattle autonomous zone two black teenagers were shot at for several minutes while joyriding. One was killed. This is the same zone in which they were distributing weapons. In Minneapolis there is currently an autonomous zone. It has been there for months, but has gone largely unreported. One teenager was shot recently in this zone. All of these things are going almost completely unreported. When information does get out it is lied about in order to minimize exposure. The media is lying and covering up these things to fit their political opinion. 

Most recently the Grammy award show glorified the violence from the left and spread yet more lies. This came from Lil Baby’s performance. This performance had a mock version of the Rayshard Brooks killing. Said performance outright lied about what actually happened. It showed the man being shot in the back as he ran away. In truth Rayshard Brooks attacked two police officers, hit one with a taser and turned to fire the second shot from the taser, a deadly weapon under Georgia law, when he was shot. The performance then went on to have a mock riot and a call for not “allies” but for “accomplices” while acting out these violent “protests”. This is yet another example of spreading lies and misinformation in order to incite violence while actively encouraging and defending attacks on innocent people. Calling for political action and doing so while acting out and glorifying riots are two different things. We must call out the violence that these people encourage and stop more innocent lives from being ruined, or worse yet, taken. 

Overall, despite what the media and politicians say, the capital riot was not unheard of, there has been mass violence from the left, and, overall, very little from the right. The media lies to cover up these facts, but it is the truth. We all must call out all of the violence, but we can not do that if we do not know what violence is taking place. Any and all violence is a horrible thing and must be wholly and unequivocally condemned.